10 Interesting Ways Dogs Say ‘I Love You’

10. Your Dog Gets Excited Every Time You Enter the House


Does your dog start jumping around like an excited 3-year-old every time you enter the house? If yes, then congratulations, your dog loves you a lot!

You might get a bit overwhelmed by all the kisses, barking, and jumps, but remember that your friend here is just trying to tell you how excited he / she is to see you. And, let’s be honest, is there anyone else who would get as excited as your dog every time you stepped into the house.

9. Your Dog Leans on You

As mentioned earlier, dogs use non-verbal gestures to express their feelings, unlike humans. However, just like there is a need for physical contact between humans, dogs also need physical contact. One of the ways through which dogs express love towards their owners is by leaning against them.

This also indicates that your dog trusts you and expects you to protect him / her from her. So, next time your furry friend leans on you, make sure you give him / her de ella a comforting pat.

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